Happy New Year – The Official Challenge Beginning

PCRM’s vegan quick start challenge officially begins today. I am not really following their menu, but I might try a couple of the recipes later. The recipes are pretty basic, I suppose so not to overwhelm those not used to eating vegetables and beans. Last night, after climbing H and I went to see Django. It was good although I’ve likely met my gratuitous violence quota for the year. I am just waiting for H to finish up with a client, so he can put my studded tires on. I want to ride my bike today. I have a deadline to meet for Thursday, so I’ll be spending the day and most of the evening in the office. I likely won’t get there until noon as I got up and made a family breakfast.
I’m feeling pretty good today despite only 6 hours sleep (8 hours is typical for me). Could this be the new found vegan energy already?
I brought out my old friend, the juicer, for breakfast and tried my luck at what I called a Morning Mojito. Celery, apple, kale, mint, cucumber and lime juice. I added Erythritol, which according to Nutritionfacts.org, is the only harmless sweetener, because H agreed to have some. I wanted it to be as tasty as possible so that he’d continue to have juice in the mornings. I definitely have to work out the right proportions. I couldn’t taste the mint at all. In addition to the juice, I made the best vegan pancakes I have ever tried. Thanks Vegangela! For lunch I plan to see how the cashew cheese holds up in a sandwich. It worked really well on the pizza last night. It’s still slim pickings around here as I really was only able to get the veggies for my Mojito.

Some hours later…

I’ve spent the day at work and have been surprisingly focused and got more accomplished than I thought.  Was it the juice, the B12 pill, the big mug of caffeinated chai tea or being vegan?

I packed too much food today.  I didn’t eat the fruit I brought.  I packed whole bunch of stuff in my tiffin.  The first layer had a sandwich with yves veggie ham, cashew cheese and dijon mustard on pumpernickel bread. The cheese held up nicely.  The second layer had sliced cucumbers and green peppers for my sandwich plus some chopped raw carrots.  That was lunch.  The third level had chopped parsley, avocado and tomatoes with a little lemon juice, salt, pepper and garlic powder (very bland) to put on the four rice cakes I had in the final level.  I had a fruit leather as a snack.   I found the packaged leather in my backpack.  It had been to Africa and back.  I loaded up with stuff like that for D on our trip to Africa as she has peanut, fish and hazelnut allergies.  I thought peanuts and fish might be difficult to avoid, but it wasn’t.

While I was disappointed that H didn’t share my enthusiasm for veganism, something must have resonated with him from the video.  He drank my green juice (which he has refused to do for years) and I got a text saying I’m using the Kale.  I don’t think he has every voluntarily cooked with Kale.  I hope there are leftovers for my lunch tomorrow.


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